November 24, 2007

Fiji Budget 2008

The ups and downs of State expenditure

Saturday, November 24, 2007

THE State has announced a $1.52billion Budget with $1.2billion to be spent mostly on wages. Capital expenditure will take up $269million.

Allocations by department were:

-Office of the President, $1.56million (compared to $1.6million this year); Prime Minister's Office and People's Charter for Change, $5.14m ($5.64m for 2007);

-Public Service Commission and Public Enterprise, $13.7m ($13.9m);

-Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Sugar Industry, $90.24m ($104.3m);

-Ministry (Department) of Provincial Development, Indigenous and Multi-Ethnic Affairs, $45.9m ($47.2m);

-Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration, $5.3m ($5.4m);

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs International Co-operation and Civil Aviation, $20.94m ($21.13m);

-Office of the Auditor General, $3.17m ($2.81m);

-Elections Office, $4.24m ($707,000);

-Judiciary, $12.38m ($12.11m);

-Legislature, $1.01m ($1.48m);

-Office of the Ombudsman, $1.47m ($1.42m);

-Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, $4.6m ($3.89m);

-Ministry of Justice, $2.01m ($2.12m);

-Fiji Prisons Service, $13.7m ($13.5m);

-Department of Information, $4.42m ($6.5m);

-Fiji Military Forces, $81.5m ($80.7m);

-Fiji Police Force, $70.53m ($69m);

-Ministry of Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts, $25.5m ($26.1m);

-Ministry of Health, $139.5m ($150.8m);

-Department of Local Government and Urban Development, $3.52m ($3.96m);

-Ministry of Housing Women and Social Welfare, $32.2m ($29.2m);

-Ministry of Industrial Relations, Employment Youth and Sport, $12.43m ($13.32m);

-Ministry of Primary Industries, $58.7m ($62m);

-Ministry of Lands, Mineral Resources and Environment, $40.75m ($47.9m);

-Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications, $31.27m ($30.6m);

-Ministry of Transport, Works and Energy, $251.1m ($235.6m).

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