January 23, 2010

Reforms ‘need to be fast-tracked’

Reforms that Pacific Island governments have in the pipeline can be fast-tracked at this time in an effort to counter the global economic crisis.

The comment was made by UNICEF’s Chief of Policy, Advocacy, Planning and Evaluation Dr Will Parks at a media briefing in Suva yesterday, for the upcoming Global Economic conference to be held in Vanuatu.

Responding to questions from journalists from around the Pacific region, Dr Parks said they are keen to see that in terms of public expenditure, Governments should ensure cost-saving measures.

“Many reforms in motion to cut back on expenditure can be fast-tracked at this time.

“There needs to be careful management of trust funds too,” he said.

The conference, which kicks off in Vanuatu next month is important in the sense that failure to address the impact of the economic crisis coupled with the rise and volatility of food and fuel prices among other things, may undo years of realization of women and children’s rights, poverty alleviation and the attainment of Millennium Development goals.

Economic shocks such as the current global crisis are likely to become an increasingly common feature of the global economic landscape.

The conference will help governments and development partners build policies to protect the vulnerable, particularly children, women, those living with disabilities, and the elderly, and other vulnerable groups from such economic downturns.

At least 220 delegates are expected to attend including Heads of States.

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