January 9, 2008

Coup blamed for drop in Fiji-NZ trade

4-Jan-2008 09:58 AM - www.fijidailypost.com

FIJI-New Zealand Business Council president Mark Hirst says jobs in the construction and tourism sectors have declined dramatically since the events of December 2006.

Hirst believes business between the two countries could be smoother if the two governments sort things out.

“The general consensus with our members, there’s been a definite downturn in the business between the two countries, especially in the status of construction and tourism but there are indicators that it is starting to pick up at the end,” Hirst said.

“Most of our members have struggled also in the garment industries etc.”
But Hirst is optimistic about the future.

“From the information we’ve picked up in the last few weeks in different conferences, there’s been a definite upward turn,” he said.

“There’s still a bit of a pain to get through but that can be altered when the two governments from the two countries sit around and sort a few things out,” he said.

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