January 26, 2008

Developer sues Fiji govt for $25m

www.fijilive.com - 24 JAN 2008
Matapo Ltd, the developers of the multi-million dollar Momi Bay Resort in Nadi, is suing government for the reimbursement of about $25 million for a road project it had built from Momi Bay Resort to the Queens Highway.

The developers had built the road on the understanding that the cost would be reimbursed once it was completed and which the government has failed to do, Matapo lawyer Samuel Ram from Ba says.

He says the road was completed in March 2007. The maintenance period is believed to have also expired by now.

Matapo filed a petition in court in December and the case is being called for a hearing next Tuesday.

“Government has not given a proper reason for not reimbursing the money, which is one of the reasons the company has gone to court. We want them to specify why they are refusing to do it,” Ram said.

He said they are asking the court to order the money be paid Matapo now.

The Government had done a similar deal with the developers of other projects including Natadola.

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